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Cryptocurrency Mining Today

Cryptocurrency Mining Today
Mining is one of the key concepts in the crypto world. Everyone who comes into contact with this sphere somehow wonders about the mining of coins. How profitable is mining in 2020, and what are the current trends?
by StealthEX
Crypto mining is a process during which a computer solves mathematical problems, resulting in the release of new blocks of information. This gives its owners a certain amount of coins, which is deposited in the total pot and registered in the public “ledger”, so-called blockchain. Machines in the network are also checking transactions with existing coins, adding this information to the blockchain as well.
As for the issue itself, the most well-known algorithm of mining is Proof-of-Work (PoW), used in the networks of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others.
During the mining process, the latest transactions are verified and compiled into blocks. It is usually a series of calculations with an iteration of parameters to find a hash with the specified properties. The node which first solves this problem receives a reward. This approach was specifically designed to encourage those who provide the computing power of their mining machines to maintain the network and mine new coins.
It is usually no need for a newcomer to know and understand all the complicated details of the mining process, just how much they can earn with certain equipment and electricity costs.
Everything is designed in such a way that the complexity of calculations is steadily increasing, which then requires a constant increase in the computing power of the network. In 2009-2010, for mining bitcoin, miners only had to download and run the software on their personal computers, but very soon the network became so complicated that even with best PCs with a powerful processor, mining became unprofitable. That’s why miners started to use more effective video cards (graphics processing units or GPUs) and join them in so-called “farms”.
In most systems, the number of coins is determined in advance. Also, many networks are gradually reducing rewards for miners. Such emission restrictions were built into the algorithm to prevent inflation.
Thus, the cost of mining for smaller participants no longer pays off, which makes them turn off their hardware or switch to another coin where they can still make their profit.
In particular, on the evening of May 11, 2020, a halving took place in the bitcoin network, the reward for mining was halved, from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. In June, the revenue of bitcoin miners decreased by 23%, to the lowest since March 2019.
However, in mid-June, the difficulty of bitcoin mining showed a record growth over the past 2.5 years. Mining the first cryptocurrency has become 15% more difficult. Although, by the beginning of July, the complexity had stabilized. The growing difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency indicates that new miners have joined its network. Previously, some of them turned off the equipment, as it became less profitable to mine the coin due to a decrease in its cost and halving.
Now the absolute majority of new coins are generated by industrial mining. This is done by large data centers equipped with specialized computers based on the ASIC architecture. ASICs are integrated circuits that were initially optimized for a specific task, namely the mining of cryptocurrencies. They are much more productive than CPUs and video cards, and at the same time consume much less electricity. ASIC computers are the main type of equipment for the industrial production of crypto.
So now, after the halving, BTC coin mining has become even less profitable. For beginners, mining the first cryptocurrency is unlikely to be suitable. It is more often earned by large companies that have all the necessary equipment, access to cheap rental conditions, electricity and maintenance.
Hence newbies are better off starting with mining altcoins. It is even more profitable to work in a pool, that is, together with other miners. This can help to place farms in one place and negotiate a favourable price for electricity, so you can get a small but stable income dux to the total capacity of the pool.
Therefore, it has become much more difficult for regular users who have only non-specialized equipment at their disposal to generate virtual money. However, GPU developers have significantly increased the performance of their devices in recent years, so mining on a video card is still common.
Another important event that changes the situation in the mining sphere will be the hardfork of the Ethereum network with the turn to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. For now, Ethereum is the most popular altcoin for GPU mining, but Ethereum 2.0 will not require using such powerful equipment, so then it switches to PoS, GPU owners will have to look for alternative coins to mine.
At the moment the most popular altcoins for mining on GPUs are Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Grin (GRIN), Zcoin (XZC), Dogecoin and Ravencoin (RVN). There are actually a lot of mining programs that automatically determine which coin is more profitable to mine at the moment.
In the coming years, the market is waiting for a race of technologies. Manufacturers are investing in finding ways to increase hashing speed and reduce power consumption. Mining pools will play an increasing role. The market will also be affected by applications for mining cryptocurrencies on smartphones that require low computing power, such as Dash or Litecoin.
And remember StealthEX supports more than 250 coins and constantly updating the list, so you can easily swap your crypto haul to more popular altcoins. Our service does not require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. Why don’t you check it out? Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
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✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.
✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
✔ Receive your coins.
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The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.
Original article was posted on
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Mining: Weird Time to Start, a Good Time to Think

Mining: Weird Time to Start, a Good Time to Think
Well, it’s supposed to be an optimistic article about most promising mining cryptos, but then something happened. No one was too naive to believe that the events unfolded around the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect global markets, but the turbulence that occurred was very significant and, what is most sad, it is still very difficult to say how soon the situation will stabilize.
Many people were already bothered that crypto mining is becoming less profitable in 2020 and will be meaningless very soon, but even though big companies having bigger resources took over most of the industry, cryptocurrency mining using video cards remains available to common users and still has potential.
Despite, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market hashrate of the Bitcoin blockchain network yet remains almost at the same level and that is a quite positive sign. At the moment, the most reliable option seems to be to leave mining to large ASIC-farms and return when the stock panic subsides and the prospects will be clearer.
Although Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, every year the complexity of operations necessary for its production increases, and rewards fall (after halving in May 2020, we will talk about 6.25 BTC per block). For mining many altcoins, the threshold for entry is much lower, therefore it makes sense to look for a more profitable option among them.
But first, let’s try to understand a little what conditions we need for profitable mining.
There are several crucial aspects that determine how profitable mining will be. These are such obvious things as the price of the currency or the amount of reward for the generated block.
And this is the reason it is now very difficult to calculate the possible income. One way or another, the market price of altcoins depends on the position of bitcoin, which is experiencing bad times. For several months, the world of crypto mining has been preparing for the May halving, because the reduced supply led to a significant increase in prices. This time should not have been an exception, but now when bitcoin does not rise above $5500 and risks falling below $3500, we can only make vague guesses about its potential price in May. Many analysts tend to believe that closer to the middle of April, the negative effect of the crisis should be reduced, and positive expectations from halving and a large amount of cash from investors should have a positive impact on the price of bitcoin. Altcoins, as a rule, repeat the dynamics of the first cryptocurrency and will also continue their growth to historical highs in the year’s future.
Next, you should also pay attention to the complexity of mining because it affects the time and energy spent on generating the block. Do not forget about the cost of electricity in your region, as one extra-large bill can negate all your efforts to earn money on currency mining.
Do not forget about expenses on a mining rig and it’s amortisation.
In addition to the above, you should find out how practical the chosen currency is: whether it can be exchanged for fiat or more popular coins, what fees are charged by exchanges that work with it, and what reputation it has in general.
In order to avoid unpleasant mistakes, it is easier and more reliable to check the possible profit in one of the many calculators.

Best altcoins to mine in 2020

Monero is the currency with the highest anonymity rates, which stays attractive to many users and remains one of the strongest altcoins. The specific proof-of-work hashing algorithm does not allow ASIC-miners, so it is relatively easy to mine using personal computer’s processors and graphics cards. AMD graphic cards are preferable for this task, but NVidia suits as well. The current block reward is 2.47 XMR.
Litecoin is one of the oldest Bitcoin forks, but unlike it uses a different “Script” PoW algorithm which allows less powerful GPUs to mine coins. Litecoin is on the most popular, and successful Bitcoin forks and considered one of the most stable cryptocurrencies. Block mining reward is 12.5 LTC.
Ravencoin is another Bitcoin hardfork, and like Monero’s its X16R algorithm is practically unavailable for ASIC machines. Raven keeps gaining popularity for many reasons – it has faster block time, higher mining reward (5,000 RVN at the moment) and secure messaging system.
Dogecoin is not a joke anymore. Hard to believe, but this currency once made for fun, became one of the most valuable ones. Like Litecoin it uses Scrypt algorithm and great for mining with GPUs.
One more Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Gold was made specifically to kick out ASICs and clear the road for GPUs. It may not be the fastest-growing currency, but it is definitely one of the most stable.
That’s all for today. Stay safe, cause health is our most important asset.
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1 week challenge: 0.1 Bitcoin to 1 Bitcoin

Over the next 7 days I'm going to use just under 0.1 Bitcoin (0.0938) I have set aside from my portfolio to solely buy what El McAfee tells me to buy. It will be called the "7 days of Christmas challenge". Will post results in 7 days with a daily breakdown.
I know hes a paid shill and I know they are all trash coins, I don't plan on holding any for more than a few minutes. I have absolutely nothing to do where I currently live so my plan is to leave his Twitter open while I play through Halo CE and borderlands 2. The moment he tweets some dribble and if it's on the exchange with my Bitcoin I'll buy immediately and sell after I'm happy with the profits. I'll compare to my main portfolio and see where it ends up.
Edit: after some math I realised I only need to make 39% profit on each trade to achieve this. Fun fact, using similar math and a well known calculation you only need 10 trades/cycles of 7.2% gains to double your money!
Edit 2: Added a name for this after lying in bed unable to sleep - The 7 days of Christmas challenge as it starts on Christmas day for me in Australia.
Edit 3: RIP inbox, away from home for Christmas so waking up on Christmas morning to so many comments albeit remind me in 1 week was pretty cool.
4: Day 1 was a failure, not on cryptopia like all the past ones. tried it with some money I had on bittrex but it truly seems bots have taken over and instantly cause connection issues when you go to that exchange pair....
Also thank you for the Reddit gold kind stranger, was a nice Christmas present :), this individual a long with 4 others have asked me to add a dogecoin address for future projects so I have.
To be clear I am not asking for donations or money at all, anything donated will be stored and eventually donated to charity. If I actually get some donations to this address I'm thinking id run a poll for the community to vote to determine where the coins should be invested. After a year of hodling and perhaps several more polls to adjust the portfolio any money will be donated to charity. Again I have been asked to do this and replied to these people saying I don't want to look like I'm asking for money, I do however think this would be a cool idea to have a community run portfolio to give to needy causes.
Dogecoin - D6CXrdL7H85rBwA5UiQGTBad36SiexmXEy
Edit: incase you guys haven't realised I already made an updated post, at work so I can't really find it right now. I have given up since he no longer is doing daily coin posts...
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What are cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies are peer to peer technology protocols which rely on the block-chain; a system of decentralized record keeping which allows people to exchange unmodifiable and indestructible information “coins,” globally in little to no time with little to no fees – this translates into the exchange of value as these coins cannot be counterfeit nor stolen. This concept was started by Satoshi Nakamoto (allegedly a pseudonym for a single man or organization) whom described and coded Bitcoin in 2009.
What is DigiByte?
DigiByte (DGB) is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is also a decentralized applications protocol in a similar fashion to Neo or Ethereum.
DigiByte was founded and created by Jared Tate in 2014. DigiByte allows for fast (virtually instant) and low cost (virtually free) transactions. DigiByte is hard capped at 21 billion coins which will ever be mined, over a period of 21 years. DigiByte was never an ICO and was mined/created in the same way that Bitcoin or Litecoin initially were.
DigiByte is the fastest UTXO PoW scalable block-chain in the world. We’ll cover what this really means down below.
DigiByte has put forth and applied solutions to many of the problems that have plagued Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general – those being:
We will address these point by point in the subsequent sections.
The DigiByte Protocol
DigiByte maintains these properties through use of various technological innovations which we will briefly address below.
Why so many coins? 21 Billion
When initially conceived Bitcoin was the first of a kind! And came into the hands of a few! The beginnings of a coin such as Bitcoin were difficult, it had to go through a lot of initial growth pains which following coins did not have to face. It is for this reason among others why I believe Bitcoin was capped at 21 million; and why today it has thus secured a place as digital gold.
When Bitcoin was first invented no one knew anything about cryptocurrencies, for the inventor to get them out to the public he would have to give them away. This is how the first Bitcoins were probably passed on, for free! But then as interest grew so did the community. For them to be able to build something and create something which could go on to have actual value, it would have to go through a steady growth phase. Therefore, the control of inflation through mining was extremely important. Also, why the cap for Bitcoin was probably set so low - to allow these coins to amass value without being destroyed by inflation (from mining) in the same way fiat is today! In my mind Satoshi Nakamoto knew what he was doing when setting it at 21 million BTC and must have known and even anticipated others would take his design and build on top of it.
At DigiByte, we are that better design and capped at 21 billion. That's 1000 times larger than the supply of Bitcoin. Why though? Why is the cap on DigiByte so much higher than that of Bitcoin? Because DigiByte was conceived to be used not as a digital gold, nor as any sort of commodity, but as a real currency!
Today on planet Earth, we are approximately 7.6 billion people. If each person should want or need to use and live off Bitcoin; then equally split at best each person could only own 0.00276315789 BTC. The market cap for all the money on the whole planet today is estimated to have recently passed 80 trillion dollars. That means that each whole unit of Bitcoin would be worth approximately $3,809,523.81!
This is of course in an extreme case where everyone used Bitcoin for everything. But even in a more conservative scenario the fact remains that with such a low supply each unit of a Bitcoin would become absurdly expensive if not inaccessible to most. Imagine trying to buy anything under a dollar!
Not only would using Bitcoin as an everyday currency be a logistical nightmare but it would be nigh impossible. For each Satoshi of a Bitcoin would be worth much, much, more than what is realistically manageable.
This is where DigiByte comes in and where it shines. DigiByte aims to be used world-wide as an international currency! Not to be hoarded in the same way Bitcoin is. If we were to do some of the same calculations with DigiByte we'd find that the numbers are a lot more reasonable.
At 7.6 billion people, each person could own 2.76315789474 DGB. Each whole unit of DGB would be worth approximately $3,809.52.
This is much more manageable and remember in an extreme case where everyone used DigiByte for everything! I don't expect this to happen anytime soon, but with the supply of DigiByte it would allow us to live and transact in a much more realistic and fluid fashion. Without having to divide large numbers on our phone's calculator to understand how much we owe for that cup of coffee! With DigiByte it's simple, coffee cost 1.5 DGB, the cinema 2.8 DGB, a plane ticket 500 DGB!
There is a reason for DigiByte's large supply, and it is a good one!
Decentralisation is an important concept for the block-chain and cryptocurrencies in general. This allows for a system which cannot be controlled nor manipulated no matter how large the organization in play or their intentions. DigiByte’s chain remains out of the reach of even the most powerful government. This allows for people to transact freely and openly without fear of censorship.
Decentralisation on the DigiByte block-chain is assured by having an accessible and fair mining protocol in place – this is the multi-algorithm (MultiAlgo) approach. We believe that all should have access to DigiByte whether through purchase or by mining. Therefore, DigiByte is minable not only on dedicated mining hardware such as Antminers, but also through use of conventional graphics cards. The multi-algorithm approach allows for users to mine on a variety of hardware types through use of one of the 5 mining algorithms supported by DigiByte. Those being:
Please note that these mining algorithms are modified and updated from time to time to assure complete decentralisation and thus ultimate security.
The problem with using only one mining algorithm such as Bitcoin or Litecoin do is that this allows for people to continually amass mining hardware and hash power. The more hash power one has, the more one can collect more. This leads to a cycle of centralisation and the creation of mining centres. It is known that a massive portion of all hash power in Bitcoin comes from China. This kind of centralisation is a natural tendency as it is cheaper for large organisations to set up in countries with inexpensive electricity and other such advantages which may be unavailable to the average miner.
DigiByte mitigates this problem with the use of multiple algorithms. It allows for miners with many different kinds of hardware to mine the same coin on an even playing field. Mining difficulty is set relative to the mining algorithm used. This allows for those with dedicated mining rigs to mine alongside those with more modest machines – and all secure the DigiByte chain while maintaining decentralisation.
Low Fees
Low fees are maintained in DigiByte thanks to the MultiAlgo approach working in conjunction with MultiShield (originally known as DigiShield). MultiShield calls for block difficulty readjustment between every single block on the chain; currently blocks last 15 seconds. This continuous difficulty readjustment allows us to combat any bad actors which may wish to manipulate the DigiByte chain.
Manipulation may be done by a large pool or a single entity with a great amount of hash power mining blocks on the chain; thus, increasing the difficulty of the chain. In some coins such as Bitcoin or Litecoin difficulty is readjusted every 2016 blocks at approximately 10mins each and 2mins respectively. Meaning that Bitcoin’s difficulty is readjusted about every two weeks. This system can allow for large bad actors to mine a coin and then abandon it, leaving it with a difficulty level far too high for the present hash rate – and so transactions can be frozen, and the chain stopped until there is a difficulty readjustment and or enough hash power to mine the chain. In such a case users may be faced with a choice - pay exorbitant fees or have their transactions frozen. In an extreme case the whole chain could be frozen completely for extended periods of time.
DigiByte does not face this problem as its difficulty is readjusted per block every 15 seconds. This innovation was a technological breakthrough and was adopted by several other coins in the cryptocurrency environment such as Dogecoin, Z-Cash, Ubiq, Monacoin, and Bitcoin Gold.
This difficulty readjustment along with the MultiAlgo approach allows DigiByte to maintain the lowest fees of any UTXO – PoW – chain in the world. Currently fees on the DigiByte block-chain are at about 0.0001 DGB per transaction of 100 000 DGB sent. This depends on the amount sent and currently 100 000 DGB are worth around $2000.00 with the fee being less than 0.000002 cents. It would take 500 000 transactions of 100 000 DGB to equal 1 penny’s worth. This was tested on a Ledger Nano S set to the low fees setting.
Fast transaction times
Fast transactions are ensured by the conjunctive use of the two aforementioned technology protocols. The use of MultiShield and MultiAlgo allows the mining of the DigiByte chain to always be profitable and thus there is always someone mining your transactions. MultiAlgo allows there to a greater amount of hash power spread world-wide, this along with 15 second block times allows for transactions to be near instantaneous. This speed is also ensured by the use DigiSpeed. DigiSpeed is the protocol by which the DigiByte chain will decrease block timing gradually. Initially DigiByte started with 30 second block times in 2014; which today are set at 15 seconds. This decrease will allow for ever faster and ever more transactions per block.
Robust security + The Immutable Ledger
At the core of cryptocurrency security is decentralisation. As stated before decentralisation is ensured on the DigiByte block chain by use of the MultiAlgo approach. Each algorithm in the MultiAlgo approach of DigiByte is only allowed about 20% of all new blocks. This in conjunction with MultiShield allows for DigiByte to be the most secure, most reliable, and fastest UTXO block chain on the planet. This means that DigiByte is a proof of work (PoW) block-chain where all transactional activities are stored on the immutable public ledger world-wide. In DigiByte there is no need for the Lightning protocol (although we have it) nor sidechains to scale, and thus we get to keep PoW’s security.
There are many great debates as to the robustness or cleanliness of PoW. The fact remains that PoW block-chains remain the only systems in human history which have never been hacked and thus their security is maximal.
For an attacker to divert the DigiByte chain they would need to control over 93% of all the hashrate on one algorithm and 51% of the other four. And so DigiByte is immune to the infamous 51% attack to which Bitcoin and Litecoin are vulnerable.
Moreover, the DigiByte block-chain is currently spread over 200 000 plus servers, computers, phones, and other machines world-wide. The fact is that DigiByte is one of the easiest to mine coins there is – this is greatly aided by the recent release of the one click miner. This allows for ever greater decentralisation which in turn assures that there is no single point of failure and the chain is thus virtually un-attackable.
On Chain Scalability
The biggest barrier for block-chains today is scalability. Visa the credit card company can handle around 2000 transactions per second (TPS) today. This allows them to ensure customer security and transactional rates nation-wide. Bitcoin currently sits at around 7 TPS and Litecoin at 28 TPS (56 TPS with SegWit). All the technological innovations I’ve mentioned above come together to allow for DigiByte to be the fastest PoW block-chain in the world and the most scalable.
DigiByte is scalable because of DigiSpeed, the protocol through which block times are decreased and block sizes are increased. It is known that a simple increase in block size can increase the TPS of any block-chain, such is the case with Bitcoin Cash. This is however not scalable. The reason a simple increase in block size is not scalable is because it would eventually lead to some if not a great amount of centralization. This centralization occurs because larger block sizes mean that storage costs and thus hardware cost for miners increases. This increase along with full blocks – meaning many transactions occurring on the chain – will inevitably bar out the average miner after difficulty increases and mining centres consolidate.
Hardware cost, and storage costs decrease over time following Moore’s law and DigiByte adheres to it perfectly. DigiSpeed calls for the increase in block sizes and decrease in block timing every two years by a factor of two. This means that originally DigiByte’s block sizes were 1 MB at 30 seconds each at inception in 2014. In 2016 DigiByte increased block size by two and decreased block timing by the same factor. Perfectly following Moore’s law. Moore’s law dictates that in general hardware increases in power by a factor of two while halving in cost every year.
This would allow for DigiByte to scale at a steady rate and for people to adopt new hardware at an equally steady rate and reasonable expense. Thus so, the average miner can continue to mine DigiByte on his algorithm of choice with entry level hardware.
DigiByte was one of the first block chains to adopt segregated witness (SegWit in 2017) a protocol whereby a part of transactional data is removed and stored elsewhere to decrease transaction data weight and thus increase scalability and speed. This allows us to fit more transactions per block which does not increase in size!
DigiByte currently sits at 560 TPS and could scale to over 280 000 TPS by 2035. This dwarfs any of the TPS capacities; even projected/possible capacities of some coins and even private companies. In essence DigiByte could scale worldwide today and still be reliable and robust. DigiByte could even handle the cumulative transactions of all the top 50 coins in and still run smoothly and below capacity. In fact, to max out DigiByte’s actual maximum capacity (today at 560 TPS) you would have to take all these transactions and multiply them by a factor of 10!
Oher Uses for DigiByte
Note that DigiByte is not only to be used as a currency. Its immense robustness, security and scalability make it ideal for building decentralised applications (DAPPS) which it can host. DigiByte can in fact host DAPPS and even centralised versions which rely on the chain which are known as Digi-Apps. This application layer is also accompanied by a smart contract layer.
Thus, DigiByte could host several Crypto Kitties games and more without freezing out or increasing transaction costs for the end user.
Currently there are various DAPPS being built on the DigiByte block-chain, these are done independently of the DigiByte core team. These companies are simply using the DigiByte block-chain as a utility much in the same way one uses a road to get to work. One such example is Loly – a Tinderesque consensual dating application.
DigiByte also hosts a variety of other platform projects such as the following:
The DigiByte Foundation
As previously mentioned DigiByte was not an ICO. The DigiByte foundation was established in 2017 by founder Jared Tate. Its purpose is as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and developing the DigiByte block-chain.
DigiByte is a community effort and a community coin, to be treated as a public resource as water or air. Know that anyone can work on DigiByte, anyone can create, and do as they wish. It is a permissionless system which encourages innovation and creation. If you have an idea and or would like to get help on your project do not hesitate to contact the DigiByte foundation either through the official website and or the telegram developer’s channel.
For this reason, it is ever more important to note that the DigiByte foundation cannot exist without public support. And so, this is the reason I encourage all to donate to the foundation. All funds are used for the maintenance of DigiByte servers, marketing, and DigiByte development.
DigiByte Resources and Websites
Please refer to the sidebar of this sub-reddit for more resources and information.
Edit - Removed Jaxx wallet.
Edit - A new section was added to the article: Why so many coins? 21 Billion
Edit - Adjusted max capacity of DGB's TPS - Note it's actually larger than I initially calculated.
Edit – Grammar and format readjustment
I hope you’ve enjoyed my article, I originally wrote this for the reddit sub-wiki where it generally will most likely, probably not, get a lot of attention. So instead I've decided to make this sort of an introductory post, an open letter, to any newcomers to DGB or for those whom are just curious.
I tried to cover every aspect of DGB, but of course I may have forgotten something! Please leave a comment down below and tell me why you're in DGB? What convinced you? Me it's the decentralised PoW that really convinced me. Plus, just that transaction speed and virtually no fees! Made my mouth water!
-Dereck de Mézquita
I'm a student typing this stuff on my free time, help me pay my debts? Thank you!
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Start Here for Much Wallet WOW!

EDIT 2017-02-10: A word about Nodes

There is a discussion about nodes that came up today, where it seems I'm discouraging people from running the full QT/Core client. Yes and No. What I'm trying to make sure people understand is how things work, and that it is NOT mandatory to run a client in order to use Dogecoins (and yes, I realise that browser-based tools like and wallet sweepers are 'clients' by strict definition).
That said, more nodes is absolutely a good thing for the network. Preferrably full nodes. How do you run a full node? Just run Core/QT and open up Port 22556 on your router so it can connect to more than 8 peers. What will it cost you? You need your machine to be on 24/7/365, you need enough storage for the full blockchain (currently about 20Gb. Bitcoin is over 120Gb) and enough bandwidth to keep it in sync and share blocks with peers. A couple of Gb a month, most likely. This is best done with a desktop on a wired broadband link. Or maybe a hosted VM in the cloud. :)

EDIT 2017-01-09: Wallets WITHOUT Clients

Since I started helping people on /BitcoinBeginners, I'm getting a lot of questions about how to use wallets without running clients or trusting third parties. So here are a couple of resources that will make that possible, and not just for Dogecoin:
Multi-Coin Wallet Generator Now supporting 129 currencies! Start by setting the currency, found in the gear wheel in the Broadcast tab. Dogecoin Wallet Sweeper Redeem 'paper' wallets containing up to about 100 UTXOs. Bitinfo Charts My favourite block explorer, handles a bunch of cryptos.
Using these resources, it is possible to hold, receive and spend coins in various currencies, without having to run QT or a 'lite' client. You can also download and run the pages on your own device.

EDIT 2016-11-23: SEMANTICS about MINING! :P

Even though there is already a section on mining below, it has been suggested given the huge number of posts on the subject that this needs to be made clearer. Since people get their panties in a twist over the word 'dead', lets change that...



Put simply, there is no way to mine Dogecoin and make a profit because of the massive hashpower provided by industrial-scale Litecoin miners. Mining Doge directly stopped being viable when our hashrate exploded with the introduction of AuxPoW. Mining with CPU's and GPU's died when ASICs were introduced. And mining with a laptop WILL kill your laptop and cost you a fortune to repair or replace. Mining Litecoin with an exchange that also mines Doge and others will earn less than the electricity consumed, and you won't recover your costs. Probably ever, but certainly not in any reasonable time.
Mining other currencies may be a thing, but that's beyond our scope here. This is /Dogecoin, not /GetRichMiningCryptos after all. If you want to mine the newest scamcoin for fun and profit, look elsewhere for advice. :/
Oh, and most important:


At any given time, there are half a dozen posts on the frontpage just like the one you're about to write, where the answers have already been given. Read them. Don't make people waste their time repeating themselves because you were too lazy to bother reading stuff. :P
So there I was, having a quiet Sundy arvo bludge, as you do, when 42points turned up on Facebook and asked me to write a new sticky post for /dogecoin. Why would he do this, when he should be having a bludge himself, I hear you ask? Well, seems he was doing exactly that, and wanted to fob off the work he’s too slack to do himself. ;) Ah well, being a sucker for punishment, I’ll grudgingly oblige I guess.
OK, first things first.

The Clients:

Dogecoin Core 1.10.0 2015-Nov-01
Bootstrap file for Core to save some download time.
Dogecoin Core Guide Wiki
MultiDoge v0.1.7 2016-Jan-31
Android Dogecoin Wallet 2.0.8 2016-Jan-18
Android Coinomi Wallet
Java Cate 0.14 alpha 2 Multicoin wallet 2016-Feb-14
Exodus multicoin wallet
iOS Doughwallet

Do you REALLY need a client?

Wallet ELI5
Paper Wallet Generator
Sample HTML Wallet List
Dogetipbot subreddit and website
Dogechain Wallet Wallet
ShapeShift - Not really an exchange, rather a currency trader.




BitInfoCharts - My favourite, has charts!
/dogecoindev where the devs hang out

More Info

Technical Wiki
Preev currency value calculator


From peoplma
I was wondering if you could add just a couple things. A link to the coinomi android wallet, it's probably the best one out there. And a sentence somewhere along the lines of "if you need help with any dogecoin software you are welcome to make a post, but PLEASE include your OS, version number of the client, and any relevant transaction IDs that you are willing to share" if you can fit that in somewhere.
Also, if you want to link to Prohashing, I'm pretty sure it's the only Scrypt mining pool that will actually pay out in doge. The others I know of pay out in litecoin or bitcoin. And it's a profit switching multipool, so gives a better return than just mining ltc/doge.
And there's these two wiki articles I thought would be helpful to link /dogecoin/wiki/technical for those technically minded newbies or intermediate users who want to dig a little deeper. And maybe a link to /dogecoin/wiki/dogecoincoreguide next to the link for dogecoin core.
From pts2002
Finally a proper sticky post! Here's some other stuff you could add: mining pool - You can get paid in pretty much any coin, and you can mine in multiple algos (currently mining lyra2v2 with my GPU). Doing about 500Ð/day exchange - My favourite exchange, quick and easy. No registration required!
Also, you should add some blockchain explorers! - Support for bitcoin, litecoin and doge. - Official blockchain explorer. Includes a wallet (already mentioned). Live update currently not working (?)
EDIT: Here's another thing I found! currency value calculator - Easy way to check the value of your dogecoins (or bitcoins, or litecoins, or peercoins)!
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Something is rotten in the state of DOGE mining

Shibes, something stinks in doge land. A problem in the design of dogecoin means that dishonest (or perhaps we should call them "creative") miners can take a disproportionate share of rewards, leaving everyone else to earn less than they deserve. Many of you have probably noticed that calculators estimate payouts larger than what you earn in practice (for example, dustcoin estimates ~1500DOGE/day @ 200KH/s while Non Stop Mine pays about a quarter of that rate), and most have written it off as bad luck: the blocks your pool found happened to be small, or your pool happened to be unlucky, and such is life. At least another friendly Shibe is having a better day, and it'll come around in tips anyway! Unfortunately, the truth is much darker.
The "random" DOGE rewards per block are not random. In fact, the value of each block is predetermined by a simple equation applied to the hash of the previous block. A creative miner can take advantage of this fact to mine dogecoin when the potential reward is high, and switch to litecoin when the potential reward is low. During some rounds, the reward is so small it isn't worth the electricity spent finding it; during more rounds, the reward is less than can be earned mining LTC; in a few rounds, the reward is spectacular. Honest miners mine with the expectation of earning an average of 500,000 DOGE per block, but when people are selectively mining the high-profit DOGE rounds, the average reward falls for honest miners.
So the question is: is this problem theoretical, or are honest miners really losing value to cheaters? I spent some time digging, and it appears that cheating is rampant! There are a few ways cheating can be detected.
If there is outside competition for high-value blocks, then pools should on average be finding blocks worth less than 500,000 DOGE (because some of the valuable blocks, but none of the low-value blocks, will be found by cheaters). The largest pool, Dogehouse, reports some useful averages: over all time, the pool has found 11,241 valid blocks worth 5365077071.0746 DOGE, for an average of 477,277 DOGE (including fees, which should actually raise the average above 500,000!). That's 4.5% below the expected average block value. Is it simply bad luck? No. With so many blocks found, there's about a 7% chance that the average will be above 505,000 or below 495,000; there's a <<1% chance their average will be above 510,000 or below 490,000, and effectively NO chance of seeing an average below 485,000. 477,000 is simply preposterous. Dogepool is either mind-bogglingly unlucky, or something is fishy.
Maybe Dogehouse is doing something fishy...but we can look at other pools. Dogechain's pool's all-time average block value is similar: 478847 DOGE. They're a smaller pool so the odds of this being bad luck aren't astronomical, but it's not very likely. Fast-pool's average is 477892. They're big enough that the odds are again astronomical.
And this only accounts for people cheating outside of the pools. Cheaters can operate inside our pools (more on this later)!
Maybe there's something wrong with the pools. They mostly run similar software. All their owners could be lying to us. We can check for signs of cheating independent of the pools: if more people are mining high-value blocks than low-value blocks, the hash-rate will be higher when the next block is high-value, so high-value blocks will be found faster than low-value blocks. Here's what you find if you look at 5000 recent blocks (blocks 80,001 to 85,000) and measure the average time to find a block, broken out by the block value:
I had to drop about 50 blocks which were missing good timestamps, but they're evenly distributed and shouldn't skew the averages.
The pattern is clear: the network is finding high-value blocks significantly faster than low-value blocks. Low-value rounds take as much as 10% longer than intended, and high-value rounds take around 5% less time than intended. Significant hashrate belongs to miners that cheat.
I mentioned cheaters can operate inside our pools. The payment algorithms used by most pools were carefully designed for bitcoin's (effectively) fixed block reward. They reliably protect against cheaters trying to hop in and out of pools based on short-term profitability, by making payouts solely dependent on the unknowable future (the straightforward pool payment schemes allow cheaters to look at a pool's recent history and use that to take an unfair share of its earnings; read this awesome paper for details). Since the future reward for a bitcoin pool is completely unknowable, PPLNS does not protect against a hopper who knows the future. In the case of Dogecoin, the future reward IS knowable, and PPLNS offers no protection.
Dogehouse is so big we can reasonably assume they'll find any particular block. Dogehouse is using a PPLNS target similar to an ordinary round's length. Someone who mines only during high-value rounds will, with high confidence, earn significantly more DOGE per share submitted than someone who mines Dogecoin 24/7. They also experience much lower variance in earnings.
The random block reward size needs to be removed. It's fun, but it rewards cheaters. Developing a more secure random block value selection technique is possible, but based on observations of GitHub, I do not trust the Dogecoin creator to get it right. Even subtle errors re-open the opportunity for cheating.
While I believe cheating is already unacceptably common, many will disagree until it worsens. To force the issue, I've included everything you need to join the cheaters.
Patch dogecoin/src/main.cpp:
diff --git a/src/main.cpp b/src/main.cpp index 2af23af..8c32dad 100644 --- a/src/main.cpp +++ b/src/main.cpp @@ -1794,6 +1794,8 @@ bool CBlock::ConnectBlock(CValidationState &state, CBlockIndex* pindex, CCoinsVi prevHash = pindex->pprev->GetBlockHash(); } +fprintf(stdout, "Next block value: %lld\n", GetBlockValue(pindex->nHeight, 0, GetHash())); +fflush(stdout); if (vtx[0].GetValueOut() > GetBlockValue(pindex->nHeight, nFees, prevHash)) return state.DoS(100, error("ConnectBlock() : coinbase pays too much (actual=%"PRI64d" vs limit=%"PRI64d")", vtx[0].GetValueOut(), GetBlockValue(pindex->nHeight, nFees, prevHash))); 
Perl script to control cgminer:
#!/usbin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $ltcMiner = " 4029"; my $dogeMiner = " 4028"; open (INSTREAM, "dogecoind|") or die; my $lastPool = 0; # LTC while (my $line = ) { if ($line =~ /Next block value: ([\d].*)/) { my $val = $1; if ($val >= 70000000000000) { # High-value DOGE round if ($lastPool == 0) { # Switch from LTC to DOGE $lastPool = 1; &onoff($dogeMiner, "en"); &onoff($ltcMiner, "dis"); } else { # Already mining DOGE } } elsif ($lastPool == 1) { # Low-value DOGE round and currently mining DOGE $lastPool = 0; print " Switching to LTC\n"; &onoff($ltcMiner, "en"); &onoff($dogeMiner, "dis"); } else { # Low-value DOGE round; already mining LTC anyway } } } close (INSTREAM); exit; sub onoff { my $miner = shift; my $enDis = shift; open (OUT1, "|nc $miner") or die $!; print OUT1 "gpu${enDis}able|0"; close (OUT1); } 
Then, simply run two instances of cgminer with separate API ports, one configured for LTC and the other configured for DOGE.
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Verge Currency Beginner's Guide

Verge Currency Beginner's Guide
A short Background
2008 was the worst financial crisis the world had experience since the great depression. The efforts of banks worldwide were not enough to prevent its occurrence. Shortly after, someone by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto offered an alternative solution. A digital currency that removes the need for a central bank. His proposal written in the Bitcoin white paper, is summarized below:
  • A secure, decentralized network.
  • A system with economic properties.
  • No need for banks or rule makers.
  • Instant transactions without a need of a third party or government approval.
  • Bringing financial services to the unbanked 2.5 billion people.
  • Total financial freedom. No one can freeze your accounts.
  • Low transaction costs. No ridiculously high transaction fees.
  • A currency with finite amount where no one can print money whenever they want.
In 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, the network consisted of computers (in crypto terms, these are called Nodes) to approve transactions, movements of data along the chain. This allows for everyone willing to become a participant, creating a decentralized global network. Allowing for a decentralized currency, free of the control of politicians, or institutions.
The rules can only be changed if 51% of the network agrees on it. This way the network is completely democratized and resistant to hacking attacks.
Unlike today’s financial institutions, no one can freeze your account or prevent you sending money. You are the only person who truly holds your wealth.
It is an open source project. Anyone can see the code and offer or discuss changes with the community. On the other hand, anyone participating to the network with computational power gets incentives or pay, with a fractional amount of BTC.
The core of a secure decentralized network like Bitcoin, lies the Blockchain technology. To put it simply, the blockchain is like a series of Lego, connected to each other by linking information, called transactions. These transactions contain the following data sender, receiver and the unique signature of the sender.
The data will be converted into “hash” before being saved into a block. The bitcoin hash is generated using a set of cryptographic functions called sha256. This way the information is encrypted, is compressed and saved in the block.
Additionally, each block in the chain, contains the information from the block before it. This ensures that if someone tries to maliciously modify information in a block, all the block following this attempt will be changed, making it easier to spot.
Each block includes the information from the previous block. If someone wants to maliciously change the information in one block that change the complete result of all following blocks.
In this type of network there is only one blockchain, and all the information is kept in a public ledger which is shared amongst all the participating networks. For the blockchain to be valid, more than 50% of the participants (nodes and their computational power) must agree with it.
Bitcoin Today (2018)
Until today many, many, events have happened. The network has grown massively. The underlying code is improved in many ways. There are more and more developers and investors that have entered the cryptocurrency space.
Currently there are proposed changes being developed to the Bitcoin network that will make bitcoin rival the centralized networks of today (Visa, Mastercard), while significantly lowering the cost of these transaction.
Many alternative cryptocurrencies have been created along the way, improving some of the aspects of the bitcoin and focusing on certain applications, in the crypto-space, we call them altcoins.
The way that Bitcoin function, has severe flaws with regards to privacy:
  • Public Ledger: The transaction information is public, meaning, that transactions can be linked to a person.
  • IP Leakage: A persistent and motivated attacker will be able to associate your IP address with your bitcoin transaction.
Due to the above reasons, it was clear that there would be a need for a privacy coin. Different coins were then created that had this problem in mind. They were ‘too private’ in the sense that they completely by-passed the public ledger. The public ledger allows merchant to provide proof of transactions, which is important for bookkeeping.
Enter Verge Currency, formerly Dogecoindark; which offers transaction on the ledger, both public and private. Allowing the user to choose if the transactions are public or private.
2014 saw the birth of Dogecoin Dark; in 2016, it was rebranded to Verge Currency.
Verge improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining your privacy.
What is the Verge Currency Mission?
Verge Currency aims to empower people around the globe using blockchain in everyday life and makes it possible for people to engage in transactions quickly, efficiently and privately. With Verge, business and individuals now have flexible options for sending and receiving payments.
Verge Currency also offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions between merchants and small-scale private payments.
Is Verge Currency a private company and how is it funded?
Following in the spirit of Bitcoin, Verge is an open-source software, and a community. It is not a company, never had an ICO. The development is entirely funded by the community and the developers. Currently Verge is looking into setting up an official Verge merchandise store, and an Official Verge mining pool, for multiple algorithms.
General technical capabilities of XVG blockchain:
Protocol PoW (Proof of Work)
Algorithms Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl and blake2s
Max Coin Supply 16.5 billion XVG
Circulation Supply 15.2 billion XVG
Minable yes
Atomic Swaps Enabled
Tx (Transaction) Speed 5-10 Seconds
Tps (Transactions per sec.) 100 (Will be ~2000 with RSK)
Tx Fee 0.1 XVG
Privacy Options:
Tor + I2P Networks fully obfuscated IP address / User's Location is hidden
Stealth Addresses It enables users to anonymously receive funds to their wallet. Therefore third parties are no longer able to track receivers addresses, nor are they able to combine official wallet addresses with their stealth addresses.
RING CT Under development
See our blackpaper V5.0 for detailed information.
Development Updates
Marketing Updates


Verge is a community-driven project. The community is the pillar of Verge, from the past to the future, the community built Verge. The community or Vergefam connects everyone from around the world, regardless of cultural background. The common vision is to provide everyone access to financial freedom, and the choice of privacy while transacting.
Below you can find the Verge Telegram communities from around the world;
Official Telegram
🇧🇷 🇵🇹 Brasil/Portugal/
🇨🇦 Canada
🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇩🇰 Norway/Sweden/Denmark
🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 🇱🇮 Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Liechtenstein
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇪🇸 Spain
🇱🇺 Netherlands
🇹🇷 Turkey
🇫🇷 France
🇵🇾 Croatia
🇦🇱 🇽🇰 Albania/Kosovo
🇷🇴 Romania
🇭🇺 Hungary
🇷🇺 Russia
🇮🇳 India
🇲🇾 Malaysia
🇯🇵 Japan
🇰🇷 Korea
🇨🇳 China
🇿🇦 South Africa
🔌Wallet Support
🖥️ Mining support
Mass Adoption
Low fees, quick transactions, high volume in circulation, multiplatform support, Wraith protocol are the ingredients that make Verge perfectly positioned for mass adoption. Transact on the public ledger for everyday purchases or stay private if you wish so.
Getting Started
You can find the matching instructions as below:
See the following useful links:

Official Links
Verge Team
Block Explorer 1
Block Explorer 2
Network Status
Verge Zendesk
Last Edit: Latest development update links are added to the Tech section.
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Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.

Bitcoin, dogecoin. How I tried to make my fortune in 2014 with the sweat of my computer.
Make money just by working on your computer: the rise of electronic currencies, in the wake of bitcoin, can be a little dream, especially in times of crisis. We tried the experiment. Wealth at your fingertips? Not for everybody.
Reading time: 6 min.
We have known at least since March 2013, with the soaring Bitcoin (BTC) price during the closing of Cypriot banks: electronic currencies, it has not much virtual. Since the creation of the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto serves as a safe haven, a playground for speculators, interests the States and even makes it possible to pay for his trip to the space where his beer, bigger world would dare to pretend that it only serves to buy prohibited substances on SilkRoad - if it ever was.
At the end of November, James Howells was mocked a lot, this Brit, caught in a household frenzy, inadvertently threw a hard disk containing 7,500 bitcoins, the equivalent of 4.8 million euros. A small fortune now lost in the depths of the Docksway dump near Newport. Nevertheless, before causing the consternation of the global Internet, Jamie still had the nose to undermine the BTC at a time when the experience mobilized a handful of hardcore geeks.
Since the rise (sawtooth) bitcoin, each unit currently weighs more than 800 dollars, nearly thirty cryptocurrencies have emerged. Is it possible, this year again, to let this promising, volatile and risky train pass, or to fall into
  1. Choose your electronic motto.
  2. All are based on the same principle: to summarize (very) big features [1], the issuance of money is governed by an algorithm, and the new corners put in circulation reward the resolution, by participants in a network of peer and mathematical problems, including the validation and archiving of transactions, which are public [2]. Mining a cryptocurrency is like putting the computing power of your computer in the service of the network.
  3. Since the program is decreasing [3], the mining becomes more and more difficult with time (and with the increase of the number of participants): to hope to make his pelote via the only computational activity, one must either have to at its disposal a large fleet of machines, to be a miner from the first hour. Exit the bitcoin, long since out of the reach of a personal computer.
  4. I similarly gave up the litecoin and peercoin, already well launched (they date respectively 2011 and 2012), to set my heart on one of the most recent currencies - and certainly the hippest of the moment: the dogecoin.
  5. As its name suggests, the cryptocurrency favorite Shiba Inus from around the world is a tribute to the Doge, one of the most famous memes of 2013, with its captions in Comic Sans, the font most sorry for the web. A geek joke, therefore, except that - the unfathomable mysteries of the Internet - its value jumped 900% in the third week of December, and she suffered a Christmas robbery online.
  6. Admittedly, at the time when these lines are written, the dogecoin caps at 0.00023 dollars [4] - its quite ridiculous (and quite depressing), but even if you bet on the future, so much to go frankly.
  7. 2. The hands in the engine the billboard.
  8. From there, things get tough (a little). Installing an electronic purse on ones computer is not very complicated (the software is available for Windows, MacOS, Android or, for the more adventurous, on a repository to compile under Linux). It is also possible to use an online wallet, but it is more risky (except, perhaps, when one is called James Howells). When opened for the first time, the purse automatically synchronizes with the Dogecoin network (be careful, it can be long), which gives you a payment address (we can generate more later).
  9. The two most common ways to undermine electronic money are to use the computing power of the computers microprocessor (CPU) or, more efficiently, that of the graphics card processor (GPU). In the first case, the program is simple to install; in the second, it is necessary to choose the most adapted to its material [5]. There are, thankfully, a lot of online tutorials. Still, to operate the corner board requires in all cases to trade the comfort of the GUI for aridity, so confusing to the layman, command lines - we have nothing for nothing.
  10. Finally, at work alone, we prefer collaboration. Mining is best done in groups, or rather in pool: it distributes the gains, of course, but also the difficulty. For the dogecoin as for all the crypto-currencies, the pools are numerous. A quick tour of a dedicated section of the Reddit community site can help you make your choice.
  11. 3. Extension of the field of struggle.
  12. And after? After, we can rest, since it is the machine that works. But the truth of a cryptocurrency - even at the exceptionally high LOL and LOL rates of the Shiba Inu - is cruel and brutal: not all computers are equal. Or rather, some are more equal than others. For while you heat your CPU or your graphics card to grapple some unfortunate corners, others will sweep the game thanks to specialized integrated circuits, computing capabilities much higher.
  13. If the game of buying and reselling corners is basically just another stock exchange mechanism, less the intervention of the central banks - what is at stake, and the big political question they ask: are we certain to prefer speculation pure and perfect to monetary policies, however questionable they may be? -, production, it is the law of the strongest (in calculation). There are even lethal weapons at $ 10,000 each, with which your processors are like mosquitoes in front of an A bomb.
  14. And if you think it does not matter because after all, it does not cost you anything, think again: the components, like humans, wear out faster when they work at full speed, and the bill of electricity can quickly grow. The profitability of the case is anything but certain, as evidenced by the results of online calculators. (Needless to say, our laughing dogecoin does not stand up to this kind of simulation.)
  15. Much more boring, from a collective point of view: the carbon footprint, current and above all expected, of electronic currencies worries more and more. Last spring, Bloomberg estimated that the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network was equivalent to that of 31,000 US households. Not sure, according to the site, that their emission is less damaging to the environment than have been some physical currencies.
  16. For exciting to analyze that is the emergence of cryptocurrencies, it is better to ask now about their cost, economic and ecological. To see it as a potential source of income, except for being a very early adopter with a hollow nose, an individual with a lot of computational capital or a clever trader, you have to make a point.
  17. If the recurrent comparison with the famous Ponzi pyramid [6] is discussed (after all, the decentralized currencies do not make promises), remains that, as long as the value does not collapse, the system benefits mainly to the first entrants - except James Howells.
  18. As the site aptly states: all this is just an experiment, invest only the time and money you can afford to lose. LOLs love was not a worse reason than another to experiment, so I finally submitted my laptop to four days and three nights of intense activity, which makes me happy. owner of a good half a thousand dogecoins. Either the equivalent of 0.115 dollar, or 0.08 euro. It is obviously not worth the electricity consumed to generate them, it increases my carbon footprint, but it amuses my entourage. But laughter is, as everyone knows, a safe bet in times of crisis, less volatile than a real bitcoin.
  19. And then, after all, you never know.
  20. Amaelle Guiton.
  21. 1. For explanations more provided (the case is quite complex), refer, for example, to the series of very detailed notes devoted to blogger Turblog.
  22. 2. And as such, searchable by everyone. It is the identity of the users that is not known, unless they reveal it, hence the reputation of anonymity (relative, therefore) cryptocurrencies.
  23. 3. In the case of bitcoin, the maximum of 21 million units should be reached around 2140.
  24. 4. For a day-to-day follow-up, see the CoinMarketCap site which lists the exchange rates of crypto-currencies, based on the dollar value of bitcoin.
  25. 5. We discover then, unfortunately, that some graphics cards do not allow the mining. This is the case for the author of these lines, reduced to working in conditions of extreme computer deprivation.
  26. 6. Comparison which is at the heart of a hilarious note on the ponzicoin, signed by the economic journalist Matthew OBrien, on The Atlantic (to read if you intend seriously to invest in the dogecoin).
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Why the price of DOGE is falling and will continue to. SUCH MAFFS. SO LOGIC. WOW.

TLDR; Dogecoin is one of the most profitable coins to mine, so people are mining and dumping for profit. Will probably still drop by ~10-25%. Woof.
A lot of people are posting about the price of Dogecoin and are concerned with its price. There is speculation that is misleading and not backed up by much theory. It’s not just as simple as supply and demand, panic selling or the line of best fit on a graph. Let’s look at the maths and see why the coin is dropping so rapidly and why now.
The difficulty of mining a block of DOGE currently ranged from 300-400 [1], the higher this goes the less coin you will mine. To make things simple let’s run an example: Assume you have 1000kHash of digging power; with that you could mine at the current difficulty level approx. 30,000 DOGE a day [2]! The value of Dogecoin is tightly tied to Bitcoin, we first convert it to BTC and sell that. The price for a single DOGE is roughly 0.00000040 BTC [3] and a BTC is worth around $850 [4]. In our 24 hours of work we earn $10.20 (0.00000040 * 30000 * 850). Wow. Such pawfit.
Now compare this to the ‘standard’ of scrypt mining, Litecoin. For the same time and strength of your digging you would yield around $8.50. If you were only interested in profit you would mine DOGE and sell it because it made you the most profit for your hashrate. A lot of people are doing this, including multicoin pools, they mine the most profitable coin and convert it to BTC. It’s simply efficient. This means that there is a huge dump of coin on the market and the price will fall.
When will the coin stop dropping in price? When it is no longer the most profitable coin, so probably around 0.00000030 to 0.00000035 BTC. At this price the profitability is too low to reward these types of miners. Alternatively, if the difficulty was to increase then the amount of coins earned (EDIT: coins per person, overall supply per time is constant! More miners = lower split per miner) would be reduced and the profit margins would also decrease, I’d estimate the difficulty would need to be around 450 to 500 to balance out. The difficulty increases if more people mine the coin, and at this point that will be depending on popularity.
Sure a few people are panic selling but comparatively this is a drop in the ocean and even so it will just help the coin reach its stable price a little faster. Anybody who wants to see the coin succeed is already doing what they need to, they are not concerned with the price, remember to have fun!
Another point to note is that over the last few days the price of BTC has risen, and so even if the price of DOGE was stable the exchange ratio for DOGE->BTC would still show a fall – this is slightly misleading and the fall in price is not as hard as it seems!
So what can you do? Wait. The price will level out and over time the difficulty should increase with popularity and in around 1-2 months the reward will halve, I'd expect a big peak in price around that time. The coin is young and popular; it needs to learn the Earth before it can go to the Moon.
Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] 
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OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you will receive. #ooobtc #obx #IEO #Coin_of_month #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #Airdrop #launchpad #blockchain #btc #toqqn #dogecoin #Btk #usdt #cryptocurrency #Btcone #OVC
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Thoughts about last night's Halving party (pics inside)

These are the pics I took at the halving party in Melbourne last night. Apologies for large size and low quality... poor light, shaky handheld iPod and lack of time to build a proper page are all to blame. Anyway...
Yes, I parked along the river and walked in. It was a nice, albeit cold, night and the hordes were out in strength. The cake was yummy. There was free WiFi. The booze flowed freely. Newbies were being tipped $3 in BTC after downloading the Airbitz wallet client. There was pizza (pizza shop at the bottom of the stairs). I stole a balloon. That's a hardware node in the glass (perspex?) box in the mining museum. One of the MBTC organisers shaved half his beard (halving, gettit?). They has Satoshi's White Paper up on the wall (and one guy was taking pics of the pages rather than download the PDF.. go figure). The young guy with the can could do complex math in his head as fast as we could use our calculators (what's 65 divided by 17? He nailed it to 12 decimals). And that's an awesomely bright chandelier shop across the road! :)
So, what can we learn from all this merriment?
The big one I think is

Dogecoin needs vested interests

While MBTC is a non-profit technology incubator, it is housed in the offices of BTC miner The Bitcoin Group, with full access to its resources and support. OK, so having a Bitcoin millionaire and his company as benefactors is pretty cool, and the closest we've got is probably CoinSpot, which doesn't even come close (lets not talk about Moolah, who was all smoke and mirrors). But unless we get someone with a vested interest in growing the pie, we're never going to get into this game properly.

We need activity

Its all fine and wonderful to point to this sub as our home, but look at the numbers. 34 people here right now, out of 77,000 mostly dead or fake accounts. MBTC uses Meetup to spam its weekly events and was able to pull a hundred people out of thin air for this bash. Half of them knew nothing about BTC, but now have functional wallets with useful amounts of coin in them.
I'm not saying we can replicate what they do, but at the very least we could get off our arses and gatecrash occasionally. I KNOW we have shibes in Melbourne. I've tried to get them to assorted meetups, and not one has ever turned up. The best we ever achieved was five in Brisbane for the launch of a Dogecoin ATM. This is frankly pathetic. And I'll bet its far worse in most parts of the world, this being a tech hotspot with a strong crypto community.
MBTC hold at least one event every week. Usually two. And about 30 people show up consistently, out of a pool of several hundred. They have a studio where they produce regular podcasts. They have parties like this one. They're constantly dragging noobs into the fold and hyping Bitcoin. Why aren't we there in numbers promoting a balanced view of cryptos and tipping everyone Dogecoins?

We need a script

And I don't mean "" either. I mean the basic info people need to get started (You know, like my ELI5 posts). Wallet clients. Basic blockchain info and how the network works, so people don't amass huge numbers of UTXOs and break their wallets. Some history. Resource lists. Exchange lists and how trading works. Free coins! And so on... all in tangible forms people can hold and examine at leisure. Its all fine and wonderful to blow a fortune on a car or a billboard, but if you don't back it up, its completely wasted.
There's probably a lot more to add, but I'm getting a bit TL:DR for myself here, and probably nobody's read this far anyway. Let the downvotes begin! :(
PS: the MBTC 1st birthday party pics are at if you're interested.


 Much WOW Many Doge Such Coin Đ1 = Đ1 So TL:DR! 
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Never thought that dogecoin will save me from sleeping on a street.

My friendship with Dogecoin started long time ago, 2013-2014 I think, when it was possible to mine 100K dogecoins in one week with the regular PC. Then I bought 4 video cards, later 4 more. In general I mined around 6 millions with them and I was super happy dreaming how I would spend all my money. Everything was cool until difficulty rised and the price dropped down. I sold all eqipment and I calculated my "profit", it was around MINUS 300$ and 700K of dogecoin that cost almost nothing that time. I decided that this experiment wasn't succesful and succesfuly forget about it.
Back to 2017, I quit my job and in a new place my salary delayed for 2 months because of some bureaucracy. I had some food at home, so I wasn't starving, but insurance and rent I had to pay each month, so I was waiting end of the month with the big fear. That time I heard in news that bitcoin cost around $3K and decided to check how much my dogecoins cost now and it was around $1,5K (!) which fully covers my rent and insurance. It was like miracle and exactly on time! I payed bills and already get my salary and thinking to invest a part of it back in dogecoin economy as a gratitude.
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OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you will receive. #ooobtc #obx #IEO #Coin_of_month #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #Airdrop #launchpad #blockchain #btc #toqqn #dogecoin #Btk #usdt #cryptocurrency #Btcone #OVC
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Why dogecoin is the future

Many say that dogecoin is oversupplied and has minimum chance of rising in value. I differ on this, so i decided to put my two doges about the matter.
any currency to be effectively circulated must me present in enough quantity for everyone to have. Yes you can buy bitcoins in fractions, call them satoshis, but in the end of the day they are still fractions. Explaining this to a noob is an exercise in itself !!! Doge, is very popular, very very popular. But still an iphone will cost 30 million. But that still is a better figure for trade than a fraction, where out come the calculators.
Then there is the thing about 100 billion doges by Jan 2015. And 5 billion every year. But what about all the doges lost ?
Right now if someone is tipped 1000 doges, it is an amount that can easily be forgotten, and not withdrawn, ensuring profit for the tipbot company (its actually a great way of earning doges, kudos to them).
Similarly those that are mined are equaly lost unlike bitcoins and litecoins which have larger values, where people tend to be careful not to lose them. Cant put a percentage but i believe by rational thinking that a lot of doges, if not a major percentage, may already be lost. But mining new doges, still brings new doges into the system. Hence theoritically doges wont increase in value to a great extent.
But then again, mining costs keep going up, and due to popularity, the cost of mining will always keep people offering doges for a higher price. Therefore, doges must contantly go up in price, albeit gradually.
Even if each doge goes upto a dollar, it still is cheap enough for people to own and mine. An yet the miners are motivated to carry on mining.
The coin is all social engineering, and for a change, for not scamming anyone.
Cryptos have a long way to go. Price wise, when they start trading along with other international currencies, their values will explode.
Why do i chose doge?
  1. Its not very costly to own.
  2. Its tied in prices with litecoin. So actually as an investment vehicle i dont lose out.
  3. I am party to the fun that doge is, and i am able to tip/donate without a conscious prick.
  4. Doge is going to the moon.
What awesome !
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OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a
daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account
without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for
the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you will receive. #ooobtc #obx #IEO #Coin_of_month #Crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #Airdrop #launchpad #blockchain #btc #toqqn #dogecoin # Btk #usdt #cryptocurrency #Btcone #OVC
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OBX Token

OBX Token
OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you will receive. You can join and buy a token here: #ooobtc #obx #IEO #exchange #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #launchpad#blockchain #toqqn #dogecoin #Btk #usdt #Btcone #OVC

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7 Smart Ethereum Price Prediction Methods for HODL’ers

It is incredibly difficult to predict where the price of Ethereum will go.
This is not a matter of talent, or how "smart" you are - I mean, shit, you have possibly made a good deal of money investing in Ethereum. But now you have additional money to invest, and are unsure if now is the best time to buy.
Even the best Ethereum traders/investors in the world are left dumbfounded about when to invest.
Luckily, Ethereum price prediction tools have emerged that are helping investors and analysts better predict where Ethereum prices are going to go.

Why is it so difficult to predict Ethereum prices?

Putting a value on a cryptocurrency is fundamentally different from a stock.
Stock valuations are typically heavily based around one big component: cash flow. The most well-known methods for valuing stocks: DCF, Graham Formula and EBIT Multiples are all based in some form or another on cash flow and profitability.
Cryptocurrencies do not have cash flow, and thus it becomes impossible to use the traditional methods of stock forecasting. What this means is we have to find alternative methods for pricing this amazing technology.
I have outlined 7 different ways we can come to an Ethereum price prediction to help out future investing.

1. Chris Burniske's cryptoasset valuation, aka "I am very thoughtful in my analysis"

Chris Burniske of Placeholder capital and author of the book "Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond" recently released a very promising and thoughtful piece on Medium outlining a new way to value Cryptoassets.
The outline of the model is this:
Instead, valuing cryptoassets requires setting up models structurally similar to what a DCF would look like, with a projection for each year, but instead of revenues, margins and profits, the equation of exchange is used to derive each year’s current utility value (CUV). Then, since markets price assets based on future expectations, one must discount a future utility value back to the present to derive a rational market price for any given year.
Said a different way, the goal of the model is to derive the asset's utility (for example, Filecoin's utility is price per GB)and what that utility will look like in the future. Then, discount the utility value to what it would cost today.
The model does have a good amount of subjective inputs, so the price estimates I came up with varied significantly. I highly recommend heading over to the Medium piece and completing your own analysis.

2. Cost of Production Model, aka "The cake is a lie"

Initially created for Bitcoin, the cost of production model can be tailored for Ethereum. This analysis was completed by Adam Hayes in March 2015 at the New School for Social Research.The basis of the paper explains that pricing is not based on more traditional methods, but instead centered around the uniqueness of cryptocurrencies - mining statistics.
Directly from the paper:
Break-even points are modeled for market price, energy cost, efficiency and difficulty to produce. The cost of production price may represent a theoretical value around which market prices tend to gravitate.
The authors did state that certain factors such as future technology and utility may prove to be more valuable than the coin in and of itself. These factors could prove challenging for putting a true value on a cryptocurrency.

3. Economics of Price Formation, aka "I am most likely smarter than you"

The Economics of Price Formation method captures the relationship between BitCoin price and supply-demand fundamentals of BitCoin, global macro-financial indicators and BitCoin’s attractiveness for investors.
Written by Pavel Ciaian, Miroslava Rajcaniova, and d'Artis Kancs, the bones of the analysis focuses on vector autoregression (VAR) which I am definitely not covering here. However, the finding of the paper suggests that:
BitCoin market fundamentals have an important impact on BitCoin price, implying that, to a large extent, the formation of BitCoin price can be explained in a standard economic model of currency price formation.
Since the inputs used in the paper are the same, the findings can be carried over to Ethereum. Also of note, is that one of the main inputs of the 1st method, velocity, is also used in this paper.

4. Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), aka "I work in Finance"

Borrowed from the financial world, CAGR seeks to estimate the size of an industry (or in this case, market cap of Ethereum) over a period of a few years.
The cryptocurrency world is expected to grow by 35%, based on CoinDesk data. Using this data, we can estimate what the market cap of Ethereum will be in five years. The required inputs are:
As of 10/23
  1. Current Market Cap ($27B, sourced from CoinMarketCap)
  2. Available supply of coins (95M, sourced from CoinMarketCap)
  3. CAGR (35%, from CoinDesk)
  4. Coin inflation, or anticipated coins (1%, per Ethereum whitepaper)
I have provided a handy Google Sheets spreadsheet utilizing the Spreadstreet Google Sheets plugin to automatically bring in coin information for the calculation. You can find that sheet here:

5. Max Market Cap, aka "Ethereum will grow to be bigger than Bitcoin"

Max market cap is a theoretical maximum that is calculated taking the market cap of the most popular coin (in this case Bitcoin) and plugging it in for a seperate cryptocurrency.
In the Ethereum example, the formula is very simply:
Available Coins (Ethereum) / Market Cap (Bitcoin)
This results in a max theoretical value of $1,038 for Ethereum, which as of 10/23 would be a 364% increase. This analysis gets really hilarious when you start using some of the less popular coins such as BAT (46,000% increase) and the useless Dogecoin (88,000% increase). Take with a grain of salt, but still very interesting to see.

6. NVT Ratio, aka "I also sometimes engage in technical analysis"

NVT Ratio is another valuation methdology outlined by Chris Burniske, albeit at a much simpler calculation method.
The calculation is:
Network Value / Estimated Transaction Volume
Where I differ from Chris' advice is I tailored the calculation to give me the value of Ethereum if it were to hit it's max historical peak. For this example, the 30-day trailing average of transaction volume in the last year peaked on December 16th, 2016 at ~126. If we take the current daily transaction volume of ~$498M, this gives us a new market cap of $63B (126 * $498M).
Using this new market cap of $63B, if we divide that by the current supply of 95M, we get a new price of $664.

7. Dartboard, aka "Go f**k your methods, I don't need you"

Because, the dartboard method of Ethereum price prediction is honestly better than most of the crap out there. HODL.

How you can implement these methods with the valuation spreadsheet

The spreadsheet can be setup to update as often as you like by using the following instructions:
  1. Download the Spreadstreet Google Sheets add-in
  2. Click the Google Sheets link here. In the new window, click File - Make a copy.
  3. Important Open the template, click the menu Add-ons / Spreadstreet / Help / View in store, and then click Manage and in the dropdown menu click Use in this document.
  4. All formulas should update as expected. If not, try refreshing the sheet
The sheet includes CAGR, Max Market Cap, and NVT Ratio. The sheet does not include the cryptoasset valuation, cost of production model, or the economics of price foundation as those methods are significantly more involved. This sheet also does not include the dartboard method, as that requires a physical dartboard.
Good HODL'ers aren't sprinters. They choose each and every investment with care. They know the rules. But they also know how to break the rules. Deliberately. Emphatically. Ruthlessly.
Original Medium post can be found at:
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How I am trading into more Doge through exchanges

Credit given where credit is due, this thread was my motivation for writing this. Also I didn't want to hijack someone else's thread via their comments.
I have been trading in Doge for a little while now, which is a relative term considering Doge is a month old on Jan 6, 2013.
I have made HUGE mistakes (like accidentally buying where I was selling, because I clicked the wrong thing). But, I have also gotten REALLY lucky with some amazing trades.
I am not working fowith Cryptsy. I am just a user and most of my exchange experience has happened there. This is also not a discussion of WHICH exchange to use, use the one you like the most. This is however, a discussion of how exchanging/trading works. Yes, Crypsty gets slow. Yes, I have had 3 hour lags getting Doge in or out of Cryptsy. Yes, I have had money "hung" up on a cancel order. It happens. This is a brand new industry as far as coin-trading goes and there is a ton of computation that is going on behind the scenes. I am also a little more forgiving than others. I also know that some people have had trouble with their support, but I have not.
My rules of trading
First Rule of trading: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme
You have to pay attention, you have to watch the market, you have to spend a lot of time on this and be patient. If you walk away with Doge in play, you'll get screwed. If you jump in at the wrong time with out doing the math, you'll get screwed.
Second Rule of trading: Don't gamble what you cannot afford to lose!
This is super important, because while I was trading someone came in above or below me and totally hosed me a couple times. I have learned to trade in smaller amounts. This means less benefit in the end, but less risk as well.
I know Cryptsy isn't well loved here, but I have used it as well as 3 other exchanges and I like it the best. The reason I stick there is that you can see "nearly live" what is going on. I say nearly, because there are lags. However, most of the perceived lag tends to be trades that are smaller and that auto-trade away before they are worth posting to the buy/sell orders list.
Get a feel for the room before you jump in whole-Doge. Buy and sell small amounts, like the minimums of the exchange, before you do anything drastic. This IS gambling. It WILL bite you in the ass. Trust me, I have had some big losses already.
Third Rule of trading: Buy low, sell high
Always, always, always.
Fourth Rule of trading: Pay attention to fees
Cryptsy charges .3% for selling and .2% for buying. This is a total of 0.005 or .5%. This factors into EVERY trade I make. Let's go with some numbers, see the screenshot here for examples. These are the TIX/LTC numbers for right now, but I will use Doge/LTC as the example.
If you are selling Doge at 222, then to get more Doge than you sold, you have to buy at LOWER than 222/1.005=220. I use 222/1.001=219 to make sure I am always making more than the fees on every trade. Right now, since the highest buyer on the sheets is at 217, it is possible to make some extra Doge if you can buy at 217 as well.
Fifth Rule of trading: Pay attention to the direction of the market
If the market is going up, you need to be careful about selling because the buyers are going to buy higher in 20 seconds than they are right now.
If the market is going down, you need to be careful about buying, because the sellers are going to sell cheaper in 20 seconds than they are right now.
Sixth Rule of trading: Patience
This is a complete reiteration of Rule #1. You MUST BE PATIENT. If you are not, then you will lose Doge. The exchanges are often not immediate, even when there are obvious trades going on. This is because they are doing a ton of computation that you can guess at (because you can see what's trading) and computation of what you can't see, like that guy who buys 10 Doge at 300 when the price is 222. Like I said before, not all the buy/sell orders make it to the list, because not all of them are significant enough to warrant updating your view.
Think about it this way, if Cryptsy moves 12MM Doge in 10 minutes and less than 20% of those are "in the middle trades" between the highest buy and lowest sell, that means that 240,000 Doge moved in hte middle. Each of htese could be anywhere from 100-100,000 Doge at a time. It would take a ton of refreshes to your view, which is servecomputationally heavy as well as heavy in your browser
Seventh Rule of trading: Don't be afraid to cut bait. It's also ok to not cast at all.
If things are going your way, because the numbers aren't working or someone just put in a HUGE buy order above yours, it's ok to back away for a while. It's also ok to not jump in at all. You don't have to trade right now.
If the numbers aren't right, don't trade.
If the Doge are moving too fast, don't trade.
If you're not 100% comfortable, don't trade.
Arbitrage: trading one currency into another and then into another in order to have more of the original currency. i.e. Doge->BTC->LTC->Doge via the Doge/BTC, then LTC/BTC, then Doge/LTC markets
"Buy low, sell high": A saying that comes to mean that if you sell for more than you buy, you profit. Also, that if you buy for less than you sell, you profit. This is the basis for trading on an exchange.
Buy Order: "I want to buy of Doge at of Doge/BTC" example, I want to buy 10 Doge at .00000025 BTC.
Cryptsy: Is an exchange, there are others in the right sidebar of this page. I use Cryptsy as an example, because that's where I exchange my coins
Doge: Such wow.
Doge/BTC: the value of one Doge in BTC. At the time of writing this, it was .00000025 BTC for one Doge
Dumping: The act of getting a currency and releasing at whatever price you can get for it right this second. Many auto-exchange mining pools will dump mined Doge (or any coin) for BTC as soon as a certain limit you define in your mining account is reached. Much of this is done for profit and based on the belief that BTC is the end-all-be-all, much like USD has been known for a while in the paper-money world.
An Exchange (noun): A place you can put your currency and trade it for another currency.
Exchange (verb): to trade one thing for another, in this case Doge for BTC or Doge for LTC
Fees: There will always be fees, this is how exchanges make money. The total fee for one round of buying and then selling or vice-versa on Cryptsy is .5% or a multiplication factor of .005. Fees for buying on Cryptsy are .002 (.2%) and selling are .003 (.3%).
Mining: using your computers processor or graphics card to solve big ass math equations to earn a crypto coin.
Orders: Requests to buy or sell something in the exchange
Pool: A bunch of people working together to mine at the same time
Sell Order: "I want to sell of Doge at of Doge/BTC" example, I want to sell 10 Doge at .00000025 BTC.
"To the moon": is a play on the phrase "shoot the moon". And a goal that seems insurmountable, but is totally possible since it's been done before (aka Bitcoin). Also, where Doge is going.
Tools I keep nearby:
  • A google spreadsheet to keep track of where I am and whether I am actually gaining ground or not. Sometimes, with lots of quick trades, it's worth stopping to count everything up. This spreadsheet will take into account the current trade values of Doge/BTC, Doge/LTC, and LTC/BTC. While I calculate USD, I am more interested in the total number of Doge that I have.
  • When I sit in one exchange for a while, like Doge/LTC, I will keep a second tab in my spreadsheet with calculated list of values for 1022, 1023, 1024, etc. (this is the current trading values with the decimal and zeros removed). The first column is the "number I am trading at". The second column is, "If you sell at column 1, you must buy below this number". The third column is, "If you bought at the rate in column one, you must sell above this number". Column one is auto-incremented by 1, (=A1 + 1, then fill down). Column 2 is column 1 divided by 1.01 (=A1/1.01, then fill down). Column 3 is column 1 times 1.01 (=A1 * 1.01). Screenshot:
  • A calculator. Sometimes it feels good and can be faster to calculate /1.01 there, than it is in a spreadsheet.
  • Caffeine ;)
I hope this helps! Also, please tell me what you think and I'll update with anything I didn't add above.
If something is wrong or you look at it differently, let me know!!
  • added definitions, alphabetized them.
  • cleaned up some information that was written quickly and not making sense to some users.
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Wolfpackbot Offers Quick Trading Analysis For Optimum Profit

The WolfpackBot trading bot is very important in the sense that not is very quicker and sensible that human being; it can make a quick trading analyses than human no matter the level of your expertise. The WolfpackBot is very effective and am assuring you that users of their bot will also experience maximum profits.

The Wolfcoin blockchain are both structured and designed to guarantee store of significant worth, value-based speed and security, and fungibility. The principle objective of the Wolfcoin blockchain is to encourage quick and secure exchanges with an administration that supports the system to serve all clients. The Wolfcoin blockchain is a two-level system involved a Proof of Work (PoW) accord instrument fueled by excavators and a Proof of Service (PoSe) framework controlled by masternodes. Miners get rewards for guaranteeing the security of the blockchain and masternodes are remunerated for encouraging the highlights of the system including Private Send and Instant Send. Wolfcoin utilizes the X11 hashing calculation and depends on the Bitcoin Core codebase form 0.12.

The platform's Wolfcoin token is the key for accessing and acquiring the WolfpackBot trading bot. So all you need to do is to purchase the Wolfcoin token which are available during their token sale event. The token will be tradable at their exchange when launch.

Token: Wolfcoin Token
Ticker: WOLF
Token Type: Erc-20
Token Supply: 1,600,000,000 WOLF
Cost is labeled from scope of 0.15 to 0.20 USD
The ICO has diverse stages, it is scheduled to hold December 2018 for stage 1 while the stage 2 began in January 2019. You can utilize any of the accompanying cryptocurrency to purchase Wolfcoin token: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, and PayPal.
Bounty0x Username: Elmichaels
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Difficult to fundraise $3 000? Let's collect easily $5 000 000 a year! DOGECOIN 2.0 ideation.

Decentralization and democratization.
Doge 4 Family House fundraising is struggling to raise Ð1,500,000. Where the heck are 110,000,000,000 dogecoins? Fundraiser asks for only 1 dogecoin in 73333. What is going wrong? As of today, yearly mined dogecoins are worth around 5 million USD! Why so difficult to gather just $3 thousand?
I've joined dogecoin community around half a year after dogecoins' birth, i.e. it was too late to mine with a home computer as asics were coming into the market. Asics and merged mining with litecoin centralized dogecoin and took away a lot of fun from average shibies and reserved this space for rather rich people or mining enterprises, huge warehouses filled with electronic equipment doing nothing important for humanity - wasteful calculations. What are asics? They are specialized chips able to quickly solve a very narrow class of problems. Apart of mining, asics designed for mining can only be used as heaters or collectibles. While mining, they solve meaningless problems. There is no use of these computations apart of creating dogecoins, litecoins or bitcoins. Daily electricity usage (only bitcoin network) exceeds 1 million USD daily. The cost of equipment to match bitcoin network hashrate I have estimated to cost currently between 100 and 500 million USD. If dogecoin would be valued close to 1Ð = 1$, dogecoin mining network would be as costly and seeping as much electricity. All these money and resources for garbage calculations. This is basically wrong.
As I was unable to mine, I have bought some dogecoins on the market. I won some in design competitions here on reddit/dogecoin, I tipped and I've been tipped quite a lot. I gave up tobacco in favour of electric cigs and doing other similar savings and altogether I have collected close to one million dogecoins. Well, over 90 000 left in dogetipbot were burnt in 'Wow Such Business' by Mohland, some disappeared on some websites that... disappeared. My bad.
Last month I decided to review my 'investments'. I have sold most of my dogecoins I had left in my wallet and Shibe Poker site and bought some other coins, especially gridcoins. As an investment - I could point to some other coins that seem to have higher potential to bring a good return. But I like Gridcoin Research. This coin is based on mixed Proof of Stake and Proof of Research. The latter one is basically a variant of Proof of Work. Now it's almost a week since I've started mining cryptocurrency for the first time in my life! And it's quite exciting. Preliminary estimations show that I won't make any good return on mining gridcoin. Electricity here is expensive. Buying and holding - if it would take off 'to the moon' one day - would be much more profitable. Return will roughly cover only mining electricity costs (or not fully), at least in my case. But! But I like it! I can be a part of the system, unlike in dogecoin nowadays. I take part in scientific research. Years ago I had a special screensaver and my AMD Athlon desktop was crunching numbers for [email protected] project. Now I can continue this project or start any other ranging from mathematical problems to mapping new territories in our bodies, from discovering the shape of our Milky Way to finding cures for illnesses. While Dogecoin is aiming for the Moon, Gridcoin is reaching far further away (from asteroids, through Milky Way to distant galaxies) and far closer (researching our own genome, gut bacteria, Zika cure, treatment for common childhood cancers). Mining power of our home computers that is meaningful for humanity. Which is Wow? Much amaze? So science!


Here goes my proposal for DOGECOIN 2.0. It's only ideation, I know it would need a huge amount of work and it would be difficult, but first we need a direction and then we can research feasibility.
1) Migration from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake + Proof of Research (or other useful Proof of Work that is non Asic based) = taking new coins from whales only back to community, empowering shibes. Surely, those who are cleverer, working harder, can and want to invest more money will get higher share is rewards. At least their mining rigs would do a meaningful job and average John Doe will be still relevant with his all purpose desktop computer.
2) Reward scheme. There is 5 billion extra supply a year plus mining fees. For simplicity I will assume just for this draft there is 5 billion coins to share but in more detailed plan we should add mining fees, too.
2a) 20% (1 billion Ð ~ 2 million $) for Non Profit. A list of eligible organizations / projects would be proposed, voted and whitelisted. 2b) 1% (50 million Ð ~ 100 thousand $) for DEV fund 2c) 1% (50 million Ð ~ 100 thousand $) for Dogecoin Foundation (marketing, maintaining list of non profit projects and checking those projects - or it could be part of 2a) above 2d) 39% (1.75 billion Ð) for Proof of Stake (interest) 2e) 39% (1.75 billion Ð) for Proof of Work (non Asic - like gridcoins' Proof of Research) (mining) Coins collected as fees should be assigned proportionately or some other way to above funds.
Would dogecoin reach current litecoin market cap, above sums would reach $20 million/year for non profit projects, $1 million/year for development etc. At some point shares could be adjusted.


Inflation, or more precisely dogecoin supply growth which is 5 billion a year, or currently less than 5% a year is by some shibes regarded as a brake for market value growth. It was discussed several times.
There seems nothing fundamentally wrong with keeping current supply growth rate as it is.


Due to excellent job devs are doing I have retrieved some coins from dogeparty. Just quote ‘Much Humanity, So Earth, Such Fun’ in your reply to get a tip. Over 1000 dogecoins from my retrieved dogeparty funds are up for grabs!

Hard Fork

Such a huge change could cause a hard fork with both forks alive, i.e. old and new dogecoins would coexist. Is it something to be afraid of? As recent story of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash shows, such a scenario is possible, what is more - does not effect badly either new or old fork. Thus I would take it a step further and deliberately leave old dogecoin and start a new one.
Proposed changes would bring back decentralization and democratization and empower community, allow collect easily substantial amounts of money for non profit projects, secure development and potentially put into good use thousands to millions of our home computers. I expect this would lead to greater adoption and rise in value - for those looking to 1Ð = 1$.
If Dogecoin 1.0 was aiming To The Moon, for Dogecoin 2.0 let's aim For Humanity, For Earth, For Fun!


Giveaway ended. Final remarks.

All the best!
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Talking about new beginnings - It's new moon!

Hi there my fellow shibes!

How are you doing these days? I took a break from reddit in the 9 weeks. Holidays, work, health issues and family affairs interfered with my favorite hobby ;-) Things have returned to normal and it's time for a short update on the "Moonpledge" and to tell you about a new beginning!
I hope u are all good and that you are ready for some great news and updates.
Here we go:

Moonpledge overview

Source: and Moonpledge overview google spreadsheet

My Moonpledge

Source: My Moonpledge google spreadsheet

Why now is a great time to start/renew your moonpledge - the 12 moons price frontier!

I started to collect Dogecoin exchange data to measure the moonpledge status and as it turns out a 12 moons avarege price is a good indicator to determine if the Dogecoin price is pumped.
Check it out:
! Moonpledge Chart
  • The golden line is the average daily Dogecoin price in USD
  • The orange line is the average price in the last 12 moons in USD
  • The silver line is the Moonpledge status today corresponding to the time you started your moonpledge. Expample if you started in May 2015 your profit today is a bout 15%

Right now is a great time to start/renew your Moonpledge because the daiyl proce is about 92% of the 12 moons price - meaning the dogecoin price is not pumped and lower than in the last 12 moons. Could not be better time to start ;-)

*Source: Calculate your Moonpledge

Whats the point of this? What can the Moonpledge do for us?

  • I want to show that you can save Dogecoin over a year or longer and make profit.
  • If we moonpledge all together we we can reach the moon together!
  • Beat the inflation of 5.2 Billion Dogecoin yearly
  • Stabilize the Dogecoin price
  • Make Dogecoin price independent from Bitcoin price
  • Create a decentralized Dogecoin donation fund

What the Moonplege can't do for us!

  • Create a DogEconomy, but it can be a basis for a stable price to build a economy on!
  • Save us from the speculators, but it can help us to recover faster after a massive dump.
Please visit /moonpledge for more infos and discussion

New beginnings

Maybe you shibes remember that I fantasized about founding a Dogecoin foundation. Feedback at that time was that we have already a foundation and that it's not good to have a rival foundation.
I put a lot of thought to it and spoke to my people in the last moons and this picture has crystallized:
  • Here in Germany almost no one has an idea what money is - but everybody uses money!
  • No idea what Open Source - but almost evrybody uses open source Software!
  • Almost no idea what Open Source Crypto Coins! If they have an idea it' distorted and crypto coins are viewed as simple "internet money" - The first question is often: "Why should I use BTC/LTC/DOGE if I can pay with Paypal?
  • The concept of Open Source and Craypto Coins is to complex to explain in a few minutes
  • No easy way of saving/buying crypto coins!
  • Germans are afraid to shop online and give their personal banking info to shops - so there is a great potential where Dogecoin can jump in to shop without sharing personal banking information!
  • We have a big distrust toward the banks and people are unaware of the Open Source alternative
  • Children have no Problem with idea that Dogecoin is "internet money and that they can spend pocket money online using Dogecoin
All my discussions and talks lead my to following conclusion:

In Germany wee need a foundation that promotes the knowledge of Open Source, Money and Savings. The Germans long for an alternative to the money system and they have no problems with testing new ways, as long as they don't need to invest big sums.

Where does Dogecoin fit in this?

Every member of the foundation will automatically save/buy - guess what:

Dogecoin ;-)

Because Dogecoin is the most fun money in the world and that's why we love it!
Be kind and generous and good things will happen.
Much greetings from Germany.
To the moon together!
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